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General information & application
In addition to the well-proven AlfaBlue condenser line, the new generation of AlfaBlue Junior commercial condensers is a competitive condenser line of robust construction and high rigidity, that has every feature you need.
AlfaBlue Junior offers excellent performance especially at low air flow rates, allowing easy installation on site and an outstanding integration with other components. Highly efficient fan motors combine excellent sound characteristics and low energy consumption.
AlfaBlue Junior condensers may be used in commercial refrigeration and A/C installations.
Refrigerants all H(C)FC
Capacities* 5.2 up to 240.7 kW
* Nominal capacities (Tair = 25°C, Tcond = 40°C, Tsubcool < 3K, Tsuperheating = 25K)
An innovative coil design based on 8 mm copper tubes and corrugated aluminium turbo fins provides excellent heat transfer at minimal refrigerant charge. Standard fin spacing
is 2.1 mm.
The coil frame is made from AlMg3 for protection against vibration and thermal expansion. Corrosion resistant casing material, pre-painted RAL9002. Separated fan sections.
Fan motors
High efficiency AC or EC fans with innovative polymeric fan blades and low power consumption. Available in four fan diameters (350, 400, 500 & 630 mm), different power supplies (230/50-60/1, 400/50-60/3) and four noise levels.
Protection class IP 54 according to DIN 40050.
AC motors are fitted with integrated thermo contacts to provide reliable protection against thermal overload (terminals in the box). Motors may be wired to one or more common terminal boxes.
AlfaBlue Junior AGH
A special range of High Pressure condensers is available with circuiting design optimized for refrigerant R410A. This AGH range has been specifically developed for AC applications and may be tailor made for OEM use.

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